Appellate Practice

CK&L represents individuals and entities in appealing decisions in Federal and State Courts. In some cases, a trial court’s or jury’s decision is incorrect or unfair, based on improper evidence, misleading jury instructions, or overlooked case law. Unless the losing party appeals, even an indefensible decision will stand; however, CK&L provides the effective appellate advocacy to explain how the unjust result was caused by trial errors that undermined the judicial process. Though multiple trial rulings during the course of a case may be improper, usually only one or two issues legally impact the result. By focusing in and clarifying the issues that matter to appellate courts, CK&L views and presents the case according to how the appellate judges themselves are likely to view it.

CK&L’s attorneys know that appeals are usually won or lost on the brief, and the best appellate briefs are restricted to fully discussing only the issues that truly impacted the case’s outcome. CK&L does not obscure the real issues by raising incorrect trial court rulings that appellate courts routinely disregard as harmless error. Rather, CK&L presents the issues in a way that encourages the appellate court to adopt our construction of the case, which implicitly favors our clients and leads to favorable rulings. CK&L’s attorneys’ understanding of the appeals process makes us an indispensable asset when the trial court’s or jury’s erroneous decision is challenged.

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