Waterfront Commission Cases

Working on the waterfront as a “longshoremen” or “checker” in New Jersey or New York is a unique job and the industry is unlike any other in the United States. A separate bi-state agency, the Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor, was created in 1953 to police and regulate the Port of New York and New Jersey and all of its workers. Accordingly, the Waterfront Commission has enacted separate statutes and rules that govern hiring practices and all other conduct of employees working on the waterfront in an effort to combat perceived illegal activity.

Members of the International Longshoremen’s Association working for maritime companies doing business in New Jersey and New York must pass a rigorous background check in order to obtain a “registration” or license to work in the industry. Moreover, the Waterfront Commission possesses unique powers enabling it to suspend or revoke licenses to work at the waterfront for committing various infractions regardless if such actions are classified as crimes. For example, merely associating with alleged unsavory individuals is grounds for bringing a suspension or revocation action against an employee.

CK&L has represented clients at Waterfront Commission interviews and hearings. Waterfront Commission cases are unlike other typical administrative actions. The Waterfront Commission’s special rules create circumstances that can inevitably lead to harsh consequences against employees if they are not represented by experienced attorneys at all stages of the proceedings.

A “registration” or license to work at the waterfront is a privilege granted to very few individuals. If you are contacted by the Waterfront Commission for an interview or hearing in connection with the initial granting of a license or an action against your current license, CK&L is the firm to represent you. Our experienced attorneys can help guide you through the process and obtain positive results.

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