Nursing Home Malpractice

It is an extremely difficult decision to place a parent or spouse in a nursing home. Once the decision is made and a loved one has been brought to the facility, it is expected that the nursing home will treat the resident with dignity and provide an environment that is safe and secure. The New Jersey Legislature has passed a Nursing Home Bill of Rights that mandates, among other things, that all nursing home residents are entitled to proper care and a safe and decent living environment.

Unfortunately, some facilities put their desire to earn a profit ahead of their obligation to provide proper care to their residents. When this happens, there are devastating consequences.

Critchley, Kinum & Luria, LLC takes pride in protecting the dignity and safety of the elderly in our society and vigorously litigates nursing home abuse cases to hold nursing homes accountable for violating the Nursing Home Bill of Rights and/or failing to provide adequate care to their residents.

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