Catastrophic Injuries

Whether it arises from an unsafe construction site, a defective product, a reckless truck driver on a highway, an inattentive automobile driver using his cell phone or even an icy sidewalk, a catastrophic accident can change an individual’s life in the blink of an eye. Although these accidents can happen quickly, the challenges associated with the accident can last a lifetime. These challenges can include an inability to work and provide for one’s family, significant medical expenses, years of pain and suffering and even permanent disability or death.

Critchley, Kinum & Luria, LLC has extensive experience successfully prosecuting catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death cases. This representation includes helping our client’s meet all of the challenges that they face following a catastrophic accident including working to make sure that our clients get the treatment that they need and deserve as well as fighting to secure, through settlement or trial, full and fair compensation for our clients. The firm has the resources and experience to maximize recoveries from tortfeasors and ensure that our clients secure the compensation that they need and deserve.

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